5 Reasons Your Higher Education Institution Needs a CMS

content picIn today’s digital world, a college or university’s website is the focal point of its interaction with students, alumni and faculty. Because of this, the content contained within must be of exceptional quality and compelling enough to attract, engage and convert. That’s why leveraging a content management system (CMS) is so important. If you’re not completely sure that this type of platform is truly necessary, here are 5 reasons that just might change your mind.

Consistency and Control – When you use a CMS, you maintain control over your own content and can manage it as you see fit. The right product can also help you achieve and maintain brand consistency across all subsites, something that’s particularly important for the higher education industry.

No Coding Knowledge Needed – You don’t have to be an HTML expert to manage content on a CMS, which means it can be used by just about anyone that’s designated to do so. This can make the job of managing your school’s content even easier.

Ease of Use – Higher education institutions go through rebranding exercises relatively often, which traditionally meant a complete web presence overhaul, an undertaking that took a great deal of time and was extremely costly. With a CMS, you can redesign and roll-out rebranding in a fraction of the time and without the hefty price tag.

Up-to-Date Technology – Managing your content on your own, without a quality CMS product, can quickly lead to outdated technology and subsequent content that is subpar at best. With a higher education CMS, your school will have access to all the latest features and technology without the hassle.

Centralized Marketing – Promoting your college or university online requires a lot of different tools, from SEO to social media marketing and more. The right CMS product will allow you to manage all of these marketing tools in one easy platform.

Curious about whether a content marketing system can really accomplish all these things for your higher education institution? Request a demo today and let us show you how the right CMS can bring your school’s online presence to the next level!

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