Jun 2015

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AcademicsWeb Sponsoring HighEdWeb NY Event

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AcademicsWeb is excited to be sponsoring this week’s HighEdWeb Association event in Ithaca NY, June 11-12th. Members of the higher education community will be gathering together to network, share thoughts and ideas and collaborate with the shared goal of advancing the mission of higher education, both locally and beyond. Read on to learn more.

Among the diverse collection of attendees will be representatives of such established schools at Cornell University, Ithaca College, SUNY colleges and more. There will also be a number of web professionals, such as ourselves, who are passionate about ensuring higher education’s place in the digital age.

Participants will connect with one another, learn about innovative developments and discover what’s in store for the future of web in higher education. The event’s 2 day schedule is absolutely jam-packed with valuable presentations and other activities, including topics surrounding content management, higher education technology, student engagement, digital marketing and more.

The keynote speaker chosen for the event is Ryan Craig, managing director of University Ventures and investor in education innovation. Ryan has served as VP of Strategic Development for Columbia University’s online education division. He’s also been an advisor for the US Department of Education and has authored a new book entitled: College Disrupted: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education.

This HighEdWeb event is certain to be an incredible experience for all involved, and we are thrilled to support a cause that is driving the future of higher education. For more information on the event and how you can register to attend, please visit: http://ny15.highedweb.org/.

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