Jul 2015

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7 Tips for Boosting Higher Ed Student Engagement

Without question, one of the biggest drivers of success - both in the classroom as well as later on in life - is a student’s ability to actively engage with others. Of course, knowing this and actually achieving a greater level of buy-in are two entirely different things. If you’re struggling to get students more involved, you’re not alone. More importantly, here are some proven ways to increase student engagement levels within your higher

5 Strategies for Promoting More Student Collaboration

One of the most fundamental skills college students must learn is that of collaboration. Students who collaborate with others - whether their professors or their peers - will develop the ability to learn from others, share thoughts and ideas and become innovators. This will serve them very well in whatever career path they happen to choose. So, how can higher education leaders foster and develop this important skill? To follow are 5 strategies th

Improving Your College Student Retention Rate

As any experienced college admissions professional knows, recruiting quality students is only half the battle. In fact, some studies have shown that 1 in 3 enrolled freshmen will not come back for their sophomore year. Add to this the number of students who choose to transfer and you’ve got quite the challenge on your hands. That said, let’s take a look at some tips for improving the retention rate of your higher education institution. (m

5 Ways to Increase Conversions for Your College or University

The first step in marketing your higher education institution involves attracting the attention of quality prospective students. In other words, getting them to click on your ad, visit your Facebook page or go through your website. This, of course, is only half the battle. The ultimate goal is to convert these prospects from interested viewers into applicants, and eventually enrolled students. Knowing this and actually achieving it, however,


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