Jun 2015

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Cornell Center for Materials Research Joins Growing List of AcademicsWeb Customers

welcomeCornell Center for Materials Research has officially decided to make the shift to the AcademicsWeb content management system, joining the growing list of higher education institutions that recognize the value of an industry-specific, dynamic CMS product to manage and optimize their online content.

The CCMR currently supports 3 Interdisciplinary Research Groups as well as a variety of smaller seed research groups. Each of these groups brings together a number of different departments to work on problems that are outstanding in materials research and development. Faculty of the CCMR span 4 Cornell colleges and 12 individual departments. They use their website to disseminate information about their current research projects, provide resources, share industry news and much more.

Previously, the CCMR was using Drupal for managing all of their online content. While this platform is certainly widely-used and generally accepted as a CMS, still AcademicsWeb has several advantages compared to Drupal (and other CMS products) – particularly when it comes to the higher education industry. Firstly, AcademicsWeb comes with many Higher-Ed specific features out of the box, allowing rapid roll-out of a college, school, department or a lab website.  Secondly,  AcademicsWeb is design agnostic, i.e. it allows users to use any design of their choice and still roll-out the site in about 1/3rd the time of a typical site roll-out. Lastly, AcademicsWeb provides triple guarantee, i.e. it guarantees 99.9% up-time of the site compared to other solutions that offer up-time guarantee of the server, network, software etc.

AcademicsWeb platform also offers ease of use backed by full support. It’s incredibly user-friendly and for those few who may need assistance, our consultants are available to ensure complete optimization. It’s also scalable, so as the needs of CCMR’s web presence grow, so will their CMS. Perhaps most important, our product is specifically designed to support the unique needs of the higher education industry – something that requires huge amount of development and testing time with Drupal and other CMS products.

Now, the CCMR will be able to cohesively manage all of their content from one intuitive dashboard. The system will accommodate their changing needs by scaling up or down as necessary, all the while allowing them to achieve and maintain brand consistency across all pages and sub-pages. Best of all, they’ll save valuable time and money in the process. It’s certain to be a marked improvement moving forward.

Could your higher education CMS use a facelift? Are you tired of trying to manage a product that wasn’t designed for your needs? If so, contact us for a free demo. We’d love to help!

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