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content promotionMany content managers and higher education admins make the mistake of thinking that content management is simply about placing copy on a website and writing the occasional blog post. While this is certainly a good place to start, the next step is finding ways to attract traffic to that website or blog. To follow are just a few ways that you can promote your content and get it noticed by more prospects.

Make Promotion a Priority – If you truly care about getting your content in front of the right audience, you will need to commit an adequate amount of time to working on your promotional activities. They cannot be an afterthought, but should instead be part of your schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Leverage Social Channels – Another key to successful content marketing is getting others to share your content. Half of all Facebook users have an average of 200 friends each. That means if you can get 100 of your Facebook followers to share your blog post or other content, you’ll instantly get exposure to some 20,000 people….and all without paying a dime. Social media is a powerful marketing tool and a cost-effective option for higher education institutions.

Establish Connections – What people or businesses might you be able to establish a connection with so that they can help share your content? Alumni associations are excellent because they’re full of people who already sing your praises. Tapping into other networks that already have a decent following can be a great way to get the word out.

Ask for Shares – Don’t be shy. You’ve worked hard to craft compelling copy for your college or university. Now reach out and ask others to help you spread it around. When you share your blog posts on Twitter, include requests for your followers to retweet. Ask Instagram or Facebook followers to share your recent post. You might be surprised how willing your network will be to lend a hand.

Monitor, Measure and Modify – Not every avenue you try will net you the results you’re after. That’s why it’s so important to regularly monitor how certain campaigns are performing. This will help you identify what’s working so you can put more effort into those areas and also which methods need to be tweaked or abandoned altogether. Content marketing is not a “set it and forget it” task. It’s fluid and should evolve as you go.

With so much data floating around the internet today, it’s not enough to simply produce quality content for your higher education institution. You also have to take the necessary steps to get that content in front of the right people. These simple tips can help you get even more out of your content promotion strategy. And if you’re looking for a content management system that can help streamline the entire process, we encourage you to request a free demo below.

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